Get an instant loan backed with your Bitcoin

Don't sell your crypto, borrow FIAT with it instead.
We offer you Crypto Backed Loans at the best rate, no identity verification and no credit checks.
Instantly approved.

Interest from 4.9% per year (APR).
50% LTV Ratio.

Calculated for 1 year repayment

Why choose Coinoco Loans?

Your Collateral is Secure

All of the digital assets are stored in secure, bank-level offline storage, protecting your Cryptocurrency from potential threats. Also, transaction signing only happens offline on separate devices that have never been connected to the network. Thanks to our world-class engineering team, we were able to develop our own technology that allows us to maintain cryptocurrency custody away from third parties.

Privacy Redefined

Privacy in 2020 is a different problem than it was when our familiar concepts of it were formed. In a digital world, the line between public and private has blurred, the amount of personal information we generate has exploded, and our ability to manage it (or even know all of it) has shrunk. With Coinoco we redefine privacy, we are the only service that allows you to borrow FIAT backed with your crypto without verification. Guaranteed.

Instant Approval

Using your BTC as a collateral lets you borrow FIAT without having to sell your cryptocurrency, but that's not the only advantage.
Staking collateral also mitigates the risk of the loan almost completely, that's why we can afford to remove credit checks and indentity verification from our approval checklist.
With us, your loan is instantly approved, guaranteed.

Outstanding Support

Wether you are experiencing a problem or have any questions about our service, we are always here to help. We are proud to say that our support team works 24/7 to offer you an outstanding service and the most simple and appealing experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling up the form in our contact page.

But, how does it work?

1. Create an account

Simply create an account by providing your basic contact information and confirm your email address.

2. Apply for a loan

Anyone can apply for a loan at Coinoco, the only thing you need to do is fill in our form specifying the amount to loan, the BTC to use as collateral and the repayment time. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

3. Get approved

The approval process is usually instantaneous.
In rare occasions, the approval process can take up to 10 hours (i.e. people applying from restricted countries, old Coinoco users with bad reputation in our platform).

4. Send the Collateral

Once your loan gets approved you will receive a loan offer with all the details to send the collateral. The quantity sent must be equal to the one specified on your loan application, if the quantity sent is incorrect, the whole loan will be cancelled and the collateral will be reimbursed automatically.

5. Receive the FIAT

Once your transaction gets 2 confirmations in the Blockchain, your FIAT will be deposited in your Coinoco EUR Wallet. You can withdraw this amount to any bank of your choice (it will be automatically converted into your currency) or leave it there until you need to use it.

* The whole process can be finished in less than 10 hours, no paperwork is needed and no credit checks are performed. Once you withdraw your funds, the bank transfer can take up to 24h. (SEPA bank transfer) or 72h. (International bank transfer), please keep in mind that the bank processing times are not related to Coinoco in any way. You won't be charged any fees to withdraw your funds.

* Your loan must be repaid monthly by depositing the agreed amount in your Coinoco EUR wallet. If you were not able to pay and if it's possible, our system will try to make an automatic payment from your BTC wallet.
We will send you notifications about the upcoming repayments in accordance with the repayment schedule. So check your email in order not to miss a deadline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take?

    The whole operation can be done in less than 10 hours. If you agree with our loan offer and you decide to send the collateral, your FIAT will be available as soon as the transaction has 2 confirmations in the Blockchain.

  • Can I withdraw my funds in a different currency?

    Of course, just select the International Bank Transfer option when you withdraw your funds. The EUR will be automatically converted into your currency.

  • What personal details do you need?

    Simply create a Coinoco account by providing your name, address and email and you will be elegible for a loan. We do not perform identity checks or credit checks.

  • What is a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio?

    A LTV ratio determines the amount of collateral you need to post in order to take out a loan. It can be of 20%, 50% or 70%.

  • In what countries is your platform available?

    Currently our service is available worldwide with no exceptions. If in the future we cannot offer our services in some country, region or continent we will make sure our clients are notified before they apply for a loan.

  • How do I repay my loan?

    Monthly. We will send you notifications each time a deadline is approaching, you will then be able to deposit the agreed quantity in your Coinoco EUR Wallet.

  • Can I pay my loan off early?

    Definitely. Get in contact with us through our contact page in order to do this. There is no penalty for early repayment.

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