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Have a passion for cryptocurrency, financial freedom and blockchain technology? We're here to help you out. Coinoco is the only service that allows you to buy cryptocurrency with credit card and with the simplest verification.


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Top Notch Security

We built our service to put your security first. All of the digital assets are stored in secure, bank-level offline storage, protecting your Cryptocurrency from potential threats. Our authentication system also prevents any unauthorized access from an unconfirmed source. Thanks to our world-class engineering team, Coinoco is constantly improving its security standards, coming out with new features every single month.

Privacy Redefined

Privacy in 2022 is a different problem than it was when our familiar concepts of it were formed. In a digital world, the line between public and private has blurred, the amount of personal information we generate has exploded, and our ability to manage it (or even know all of it) has shrunk. With Coinoco we redefine privacy, we are the only service that allows you to buy cryptocurrency with credit card and with the simplest verification. Guaranteed.

Instant Delivery

Thanks to our solid infrastructure you will receive your cryptocurrency right after you make the payment. The funds will always be available instantly at your Coinoco wallet, ready for you to do whatever you want with them. You could keep them there - stored safely, or, on the order hand, withdraw them to any address of your choice. At Coinoco you always have control over your funds, it's as simple as it gets.

Outstanding Support

Wether you are experiencing a problem or have any questions about our service, we are always here to help. We are proud to say that our support team works 24/7 to offer you an outstanding service and the most simple and appealing experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling up the form in our contact page or using our chat.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency in only three steps

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Simply create an account by providing your basic contact information. All your data is encrypted and stored in a secured server.

Confirm your email address

As soon as you register we will send you an email address to confirm your account.
This email address will be used for double factor authentication.

Buy cryptocurrency

You are all set, you can now buy bitcoin. All you need is an operative debit/credit card with 3D-Secure activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take?

    When you purchase cryptocurrency with us you have two options, sending your cryptocurrency to your Coinoco Wallet or sending it to an address of your choice.        

    If you select the first option you will receive your cryptocurrency instantly, as soon as your payment is approved. 
    If you select the second option it will take at least 2 hours to process your transaction.     

  • Do I have to go through a verification procedure?

    We only need the front and back of your driving license to verify your account.      

  • What is 3D-Secure?

    We only accept card payments that go through the security protocol 3D-Secure.
    If you live in Europe, your card should already have 3D-Secure activated. If 3D-Secure is not activated in your card, you should get in contact with your bank and they'll do it for you.        

  • What personal details do you really need?

    In order to create your account we only need the following personal information, which has to be legitimate and accurate:        

    - Your full name
    - Your full address (including postal code)
    - Your email address        

  • Can I send cryptocurrency to my Coinoco Wallet?

    Of course! We also function like a normal Web Wallet, you can deposit and withdraw your cryptocurrency from your Coinoco Wallet whenever you want.        

  • What other payment methods are available?

    SEPA and SWIFT transfers will be available very soon. This will allow you to deposit EUR in your Coinoco Wallet so you can trade it for crypto whenever you want and without the need of owning a credit/debit card.        


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